Rainy day.

It has been raining all day, but now it stopped, thats great cause im going out running a bit later tonight.
Today dad and I went to kista to get my shirt and the "time-thing" for my competition on saturday...i have a feeling that the competition is going to go well. I got the nr 30014. and 14 is gooood XD
Im a bit stiff in my legs and my head feels heavy... I suppose i'm going to take a hot bath when im coming home after the training. At the moment im to full to make a move...feels like i ate to much, to fast and without chewing the food...great combo!! right?! :D

blev lite engelska nu helt plötsligt.. ja, får inte ni så ibland att ni känner för att skriva/prata engelska? xD haha, fick en sån känsla just nu. Kan hända att de är nåt fel grammatiskt, orkar inte läsa om mina inlägg jag gör innan jag publicerar... gör typ aldrig dexD haha! xD

Anyway, im going to put on my training clothes now.........soo i guess i see you guys later then :) Adíos!

     hahahaa, found this funny, old pic! xD  cyprus 2009 i think..


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